Monday, July 27, 2009

GhostShip edition 1FG 29er

My new singlespeed is done! My Vicious 29er singlespeed frame also came back today from being repaired. I have to build that back up later this week.

Anyway, the new bike started life as a 2008 Cannondale 1FG 29er (size L) frame that TimmyD gave me. I then stripped the clearcoat and decals off the frame and Ginger and I went to town.

I could have not gotten this outcome without Ginger's help. She was able to see my vision from the get-go and was the mastermind behind getting the logos onto the sticker paper, getting them onto the frame, orienting them as such and determining how much of the frame to be white. Thank You! It came out awesome!

- Base coat of Automotive gray primer (spray can)
- Two coats of Flat Black (spray can)
- Upwards of twelve Ghostship Clothing logos printed out from Adobe Illustrator on sticker paper. Then cut out with an X-Acto knife and laid onto the frame.
- Two coats of Flat White (spray can) ontop of the front triangle with a hand fade to black as you move aft.
- Delicate removal of all the logos
- Minor touch-up with 400grit sandpaper
- Assemble bike

- 22.3lbs with frame pump
- 2009 Cannondale Lefty Speed Carbon SL
- Cannondale 120mm x -5deg stem and steerer tube combo
- Cannondale SI headset
- Custom Seven titanium handlebar (26inch wide, 8deg sweep)
- Shimano XTR disk brakes (160mm 6bolt rotors)
- Mirrycle Incredibell Brass Duet
- Ergon GX1 grips
- Bushnell eccentric bottom bracket shell
- Shimano XTR 175mm crankset with bottom bracket
- Shimano 959 pedals
- SRAM PC58 chain
- Boone Ti 20T rear cog
- Salsa 34T front chainring
- Bontrager water bottle cages
- Thomson Elite seatpost
- Fi'z:ik Nissene saddle
- Cannondale Lefty 32H front hub
- Hope Pro II singlespeed rear hub
- DT Swiss Super Comp spokes with DT alloy nipples
- Stans/Notubes Flow 29er rims with Stans rimtape and valve cores
- Maxxis Crossmark 29x2.1 tires w/ 2 cups of Stans tire sealant

The outcome:

The process:

Saturday, July 25, 2009

tour de hartford

Took my road bike out for most of the afternoon. Trying to get my fitness back via time in the saddle. Sort of my own little tour of Hartford so to speak.

Left my house (west hartford) and made my way down to Pedal Power in Middletown. Refilled my bottles and then meandered around Portland, Marbourgh and Glastonbury for a few more hours. Then rode home. Two stops for water. I think my ride time was around 5-5.5 hours. It was pretty hot. Somewhere around 85F but a bit muggy and windy.

I broke my front Dura Ace derailleur too. Somehow I broke the spring inside it. I can't seem to cut a break this summer. I keep breaking bikes and/or bike parts.

Some pics from my time in the state forest. Gravel roads felt good. Perhaps it was because I was offroad again?

This morning, Ginger and I were modifying my new 29er mountain bike frame.

flat black base coat. Multiple 'Ghostship' logos on the front triangle. Flat white over the 'Ghostship' logos. Then the stickers will be removed to reveal a black 'Ghostship' logo.

Friday, July 17, 2009

keeping chains taut

Cool, nerdy, bike stuff coming together.

Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Titanium Oh my!

Here is a sneak peak (thanks Robb):

More to follow very soon....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Breck Epic

I am SO jealous of everyone that took part in the 1st annual Breck Epic (6 day offroad stage race) in Colorado.

Congrats on the effort everyone!

Dicky, Tomi and Travis are some friends of mine rocking the one speeds out there. Tommi took it one step further and was fixed.

Pictures are amazing! Views looked amazing! Multiple climbs per day over 11,000ft above sea level.

I'm doing this next year. I have to. I need to ride in Colorado again. Oh yeah, I'm bringing a one speed to the party.

Check out Mountain Flyer's coverage on the event over here: