Sunday, April 10, 2005

1st race of the season

update: i finished 16th out of 23 people in my class. not bad for my first 'expert' race.

started and finished my first mtb race in the expert class. I think I was out for about 1.5hours. 4 laps, 20 total miles. I think there were about 21 people in my age group (19-29 y/o) and finished somewhere around 15th place. I should know for sure in a few days when the results are posted.

I feel pretty good. Felt strong through 3.5laps and then my knees cramped up about 2miles from the finish line. I then lost my pace and slowed down considerably. Right now I feel pretty good. My body is a bit run down but nothing rest can't cure.

All in all. It was a fun day and I surprised myself with the first race of the season, and first Expert race. Looks like it will be a good season.

FYI: the mountain bike race categories are: