Tuesday, April 23, 2013

too HAAHD too soon?

The Ronde was a lot on my body. My legs hurt all last week and I think I did my body some damage on my Wednesday night ride two days after my Ronde weekend.

I somehow pulled a muscle in my chest surrounding one of my lungs. For the past week I have been struggling to breathe and any elevated heart rate really hurts. All my ribs are in tact so I am quite confident its a pulled muscle.

This destroys my chances for riding the 100miles out to Darkhorse Cycles SSAP. It definitely kills my plans of riding hard in SSAP. Hopefully I can heal up some more this week and will be so-so to ride in the race on Sunday.

Beyond that my ankle seems to be feeling okay. I did have some aches during the Ronde trip but no pain. Aches come and go. Kind of expect that with where I am at in my recovery.

Ginger pointed this out to me the other week. Pua Mata from Sho-Air Cannondale is going through the same thing I have been going through. Broken leg in and around the ankle. Here is a story she wrote.


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