Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Exactly 6 months ago on a weekly Wednesday night mountain bike ride I broke my leg in a freak crash. Today I met back up with the Wed crew and revisited the forest I last pedaled with one leg out of in that cold rainy Oct evening. We did not venture down that fateful trail (now dubbed "Two Plates") but did ride the rest of the forest. There was an eerie feeling in the air coupled with such a bountiful feeling of excitement for being back on the bike and back in the Meshomasic State Forest.

My theme for the 2hour ride was to keep the tires on the ground and not do anything stupid. I was successful in that achievement and finished the ride with the bike upright at all times.

Small Victories!

Tonight marks my 5th ride outside in 2013. 3rd ride offroad. Each ride I am getting stronger and stronger and can ride longer without my thighs wanting to cramp. This past Sunday morning I went back up to the WH Reservoir to do a lap.

My goal was to get under 2 hours but that disappeared once I ran into Dave Cormier. Dave and I have not seen each other since before my accident so we joined forces and rode together. I totally lost focus on what my legs are telling me and wound up doing two laps around the reservoir and was out there for over 3 hours. By the time I got home I was fatigued just right. Just on that edge of cramping my legs and passing out but not quite doing that.


This tells me my endurance is slowly coming back (as expected). We are excited about that.

Speaking of endurance.

Next Saturday I am hopping on the loaded 29er singlespeed and pedaling 100+ miles east to Wrek-Tham Massachussetts to meet up with T-Hom and our crew. Sunday we are riding in the Ronde V4. I had so much fun last year that I'm doing it again. We also have a much larger 29er singlespeed crew to scare all the cyclocross folks. I have been afraid of the ride out to Mass as it is the longest ride I have done in over 8 months but after tonight's ride and this past Sunday's ride my fears are behind me. Now I am super excited and stoked to see everyone in Boston again.


Blogger Scott Rosenthal said...

Psyched that you are coming for the Ronde again. mountain bikes may have the advantage this year. even more trails and less roads in 2013. Let me know if you need anything given that you're riding to the ride!

4/04/2013 8:44 AM  
Blogger dougyfresh said...

Thanks Scott! I am going to mail T-Hom a box of garb so I don't have to carry as much stuff. Thanks for the offer. We'll see you soon!

4/05/2013 11:14 PM  

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