Monday, March 18, 2013


Catching back up around here.

We are now into March... The month of such confusing weather. Five and a half months since I broke my leg.

My winter has been spent going to physical therapy twice a week, working way to many hours in the office and catching up on remodeling projects around the house on the weekends. I ended physical therapy in January and began riding my road bike on rollers twice a week since then. One of those days was spent just spinning to get some mileage back in me. The second day was a my LBS roller racing. The busy weekends remodeling the house are in hopes to not have to do much once the weather warms up.

Ginger had her ACL reconstruction surgery in early January and she has been in physical therapy and making great recovery strides.

Omega, our Siberian Husky, joined us and at the end of last year he partially tore his ACL. The beginning of this year were spent keeping him calm and relaxed in hopes that it will heal and we won't have to go through surgery (he is 12 now). Looks like it healed but he lost a lot of muscle mass so now we're in the rehab phase (lots of walks and what-not).

Found some photos from the recovery. Here is when I first got into the ER.

Here is one afternoon within the first two weeks post surgery. Taking a nap.

After my cast was removed my leg was very sensitive to elevation. If it was down for a while my whole ankle would swell up a ton. I spent a lot of time on my back with my feet up against the wall to help minimize swelling.

Over the Christmas/New Year's holiday Ginger and I went down to NC like in years past. Unlike year's past there were no bicycle riding in Pisgah nor any hiking. She had no ACL in her knee and I was only walking without a cane or crutches for a month. We hid in the mountains and just relaxed. We spent this relaxing time visiting some relatives and did get to ride her aunt's horses.

Morning walks up the driveway with the dog. Turns out he partially tore an ACL while we were in NC as well. Whole family is injured. Yeah. It was one of those winters.

Have not had a winter like this, ever. Somehow we have found a way to cope with everything and keep on moving thanks to our strong mental capacity. I braved the cold winds this past weekend and did get out on the bike outside. It was difficult but fun. Stay tuned..


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Glad to see the update and that you're on the mend. jb

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