Tuesday, July 31, 2012

a weekend of SSUSA

SSUSA up in Stowe(eeee) Vermont was a big hit. Just about everyone had a smile on their face and were super ecstatic about riding the trails that the fine folks at Bike29 have linked together. Make sure you thank George & Mandy and the Stowe Mountain Bike Club.

Think of an event that had everything from kick ass trails to 40s of Old English to shots of Whiskey to any rider costume you can think of to fireworks to 2nd degree burns to dogs taking a swim over 20ft waterfalls to machetes and sausages on the trail to pints of Vermont maple syrup. Yup, it was one of those events..

I did not compete but rather was behind the scenes helping out keeping the event going. Directing racers through the first turn to high-tailing it across town to pick up last minute supplies to helping the mid-point aide station and setting up the finish.

It was different being on the other side but it was fun nonetheless. Definitely an equally as tiring weekend without even racing or getting on the bike.

All in all, everyone had a blast including myself. That is what it is all about. Ginger and I did get out on a ride Sunday afternoon which was much needed. Being around a couple hundred cyclists and not riding your bike will make you go crazy. We did a short 10 mile loop covering almost half of the race course. Got to ride some awesome trails such as Pipeline and Kimmer's while picking up the trail markers.

Speaking of trail markers and cleaning up. I could NOT believe how clean the trails where. I did not find any debris on the trails from the racers (food packets, etc..) and could barely tell that upwards of 200 racers came through the day before. That is how pristine the trails looked. How is this possible? I can think of two things. 1) the racers had a lot of respect for the local bicyclists and the trails they have created and 2) the local bicyclists (Stowe Mountain Bike Club) built some highly sustainable trails. Congratulations! Everyone wins out in this case.

T-Hom was up doing cyclingdirt coverage so you can find some video and interviews here.

As in similar fashion to the SingleSpeed World Championship, this event travels from host family to host family every year. The deciding factor to whom will host for 2013 was a maple syrup chugging contest.

Watch more video of 2012 SSUSA on thom.cyclingdirt.org

Up next is the Darkhorse 40 this coming weekend. Our bikes are all set and I just need to get another singlespeed cog for my commuter. If the weather holds I'm riding the 100 miles out to Newburgh New York, racing and riding back.

See you in New York this weekend!


Anonymous mandy said...

You're right Dough, I was cleaning the Sterling Valley section of the course last night and didn't come upon a single piece of litter and the trails looked great. Many of the locals were extremely wary of this event wrecking the trails, hopefully we demonstrated that an event like this doesn't destroy things, but rather builds a better bike community.

anyhow, was great to see you guys this weekend and thanks again for all your help. I heard a lot of compliments on the food selection at the aid station.

8/01/2012 9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are full Par-tiers awesome


8/02/2012 5:22 PM  

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