Wednesday, June 27, 2012

another bike into the abyss

Two mountain bike rides during last week. Both on my Cannondale which is set up at a 1x9. The bike was making some creaking sounds on the second ride but I chalked it up to the EBB making noise.
I've been having a lot of fun riding this bike lately and planned to bring it up to Vermont this past weekend. Upon gathering my things for my Vermont trip I noticed something that did not fit in with the rest...
Upon closer look
it appears that my frame has a big honking crack in my top tube where it meets the seat tube and seat post region.



This bike gets hung up on the wall now. It is out of warranty. I am not the original owner. I also repainted it which supposedly voids the warranty. I can either have it weld repaired or find a new frame. The problem with weld repairing is I'd then have to get it heat treated.

I am looking into finding another Cannondale Caffeine or Flash 29er frame. I am also looking into weld repairing this frame.

Another option is to not even replace it but piece together something like a WFO, Bandit, Tracer29, Rumblefish or a Tallboy LT. Yeah... a long travel 29er. I kind am waiting out for when the industry delivers us a 36mm diameter stanchion 160mm travel 29er fjork. The 140mm is awesome but I think one of the aforementioned bikes will be sweet with a 160mm fjork.


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