Wednesday, May 30, 2012

wednesday night road ride

Rain was in the forecast so the decision was made to head out on our road bikes. Last minute decision this morning forced me to leave the singlespeed 'cross bike and grab the Cannondale road bike.

I felt groggy and tired this morning at 5:30am.

Come 4:30pm I felt bloated from a large lunch but once I was on the bike I felt great.

Should have brought the singlespeed 'cross bike.

I rode the geared road bike kind of like a singlespeed. Probably used two or three gears and didn't leave the 53T chainring. Albeit there weren't many climbs today (if any) but still.
I had a good time pulling everyone around the Glastonbury/Manchester/Vernon area this evening. Tried to see how far I could go with every incline by downshifting and not standing up. Felt good this evening.

Perhaps it was my white Twin Six Metal kit I donned?

Or perhaps it was the new Shimano R241 shoes?

Either way, I felt great with two bottles and half a Clif Bar. The Bearscat50 this weekend is going to be fun. I can't wait.

Make sure you are keeping tabs on the Trans-Sylvania Epic on cyclingdirt and the TSE website. I am rooting for Barry Wicks to knock Bishop off the #1 spot. Hoping the Honey Badger can climb up to 3rd or 4th as well.


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