Thursday, May 17, 2012

sixty seven point one CX

Been raining for a few days so we opted to ride on the road for this week's Wednesday night ride. Work in a pain in my ass right now so I guess one could surmise I opted to make this week's ride harder than usual.

I brought my new singlespeed road bike, errr.. cyclocross bike.
I bought the frame almost a year and a half ago. It sat in the box for close to eleven months and then I finally ordered parts for it and started assembling it. The wheels were the last piece of the puzzle and I just received them the other week.

Probably the longest bike build I've ever done. Not sure why I dragged it out but I did. Now I can smile as this bike rides a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

What is this?

2010/2011 limited edition full crabon Raleigh singlespeed cyclocross frame made for the SSCXWC '10 that took place in Seattle. I bought a 58cm frame.
My first ride on it was Martha's Vineyard but with my Ksyrium road wheels and not the fancy Bike29 King/Alpha340 wheels pictured herein.

Tonight was the first ride with the new wheels. Lots of climbing and my 67.1 inch gear was heavy at times. Nevertheless, a great ride on the road and this bike fits me so well. I think its the short stem I put on it relative to my road bike.
matching paint Enve carbon cyclocross fjork and Avid Shorty Ultimate cyclocross brakes.

Rest of the specs are as follows:
SRAM 500 brake levers
80mm 0deg rise Thomson X4 stem
Pro Vibe 7s 44mm (c/c) aluminum bar
Cinelli gel cork bar tape
Pro PLT aluminum seatpost
WTB Silverado saddle
SRAM Force 175mm crankset with 42T Spot Brand chainring (for now)
975era XTR pedals
BackCountry Research Awesome 'race' Strap
Some big honking 700x35 heavy wire bead michelin tires for road usage

NoTubes Alpha 340 rims with custom Chris King cyclocross hubs. Custom in that the King made them one-of for me (hence why we had to wait up to five months after the order was placed). What makes them so custom?
Bolt On Rear Hub in a Cyclocross hub shell with standard cassette body freehub.

The long term plan is to convert this over to a belt drive (drop-out is slotted, look above). I'm figuring out gear ratios via a chain to ultimately determine which belt to get.

A big thank you to George from Bike29 for building me this wheelset and the trials and tribulations we went through for it.

I really like riding this bike.


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That is a hot looking whip.

5/17/2012 7:41 AM  

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