Tuesday, April 24, 2012

vermont gravel grinder

This past Sunday was the 5 Hills Bikes Gravel Grinder bicycle ride in Waterbury/Stowe VT.

Ginger and I headed up there on Saturday to partake in the fun. While the locals here in CT were racing on Sunday in the rain and mud we were riding in cold temps and overcast skies in VT. It rained Saturday afternoon/evening but Sunday morning through early afternoon the rain held back.
We did this last year for the first time. This year was the 5th annual event 5 Hills Bikes / Bike29 have put on.

I had a malfunction with my bikes so George let me tool around on his Jet9 RDO.
Ginger rode her Trek/Fisher X-Cal.
I was not ready for the cold temperatures (40s) but had enough clothes with me to stay warm. Our plan was to just ride and see where it would take us. 3000+ feet of climbing in 30 miles. Data is here.

Nice, steady pace the two of us could maintain together, and we kept on truckin'
Participation was in max capacity and despite the cold temps everyone had a wonderful time, including ourselves. George and Mandy did a most excellent job of preparing and executing an awesome event. Thanks guys!


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But it's a singlespeed; what's to malfunction?

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