Thursday, April 12, 2012

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Making use of my [relatively] new kitchen.
Also attacking the other side of riding this year. My nutrition.

While riding with the 'Tim Johnson Rides on Washington' group the other month I was introduced to a different take on food products for bicycling.
That food product being the folks at Skratch Labs out of the Boulder CO area. They were providing food support for the people riding the full distance to DC. Greg was one of them and he snuck me a snack at one of the food stops. I was immediately hooked.

A week or so after that ride I received a package from Idaho. Inside was Dr. Allen Lim and Chef Biju Thomas' new cookbook. (Thank You Greg and Thank You Skratch Labs!) Something I was about to purchase anyway.

Fast forward to Last weekend... Ginger and I went to the local Asian Supermarket in search for some good sushi grade rice and a quality rice cooker. After staring at the piles of rice and multiple rice cookers for a while I called my friend up that owns and operates a Chinese Restaurant in the Detroit suburbs for his advice. A few minutes later we were at the check-out line paying for our sushi rice and Tiger rice cooker.

Tuesday evening I set off to make some riding food for Wednesday's mountain bike ride and this weekend's ride to Boston for the Ronde ride with T-Hom.
Allen's Rice Cakes.

Quite easy to make and the new rice cooker is amazing! Best of all they taste sooo good. Bacon, Eggs, White Rice, Brown Sugar, Soy Sauce. yum.
After they cooled off a bit I cut them into bite size cakes and wrapped them with wax paper. A few stashed in the jersey pocket whilst riding and you are good to go. I am limited in quantity by my 3cup rice cooker but that is okay with me. I will be back in the kitchen tomorrow making more for this weekend. Can't wait.

I also purchased their drink mix and will be using that throughout this season. It is very easy on my stomach and tasteful. 

While on our ride Wednesday we came across this tree which the beavers are intent on falling for their dam. It is at least a foot and a half in diameter and over 40feet tall. Crazy!
Photo: Glenn


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