Wednesday, February 22, 2012

just when we thought we were getting over our AZ trip

More photos and videos make their way to the foreground.

The day after Dejay's 'race' we slept in a little bit and had breakfast at Bobo's.

I filled my stomach with a bacon chocolate chip pancake.

We then did some other stuff and later on in the afternoon George, Ginger and I went to west tuscon to ride the 'Sweetwater' trails like we did last year.

It was a Metal kind of day that day.
(Photo: Ginger)
George and I kept talking this place up to Ginger for months so we just had to do a nice casual two hour ride out here before we headed back east. It was what she thought and more. Smiles galore for the entire two hours. Photos by either Ginger, George and myself unless noted.

Which way?
Follow the saguaro cacti!

Ridin' on into the sunset...

I took some more video that day as well. Enjoy!

(editing by Ginger)

When we arrived back at the Tydirium, George had a few messages from Dejay asking where we were. The Super Bowl was about to start and everyone that is typically late was on time and the ones that are typically on time (us) were late.

Once we were cleaned up proper we headed over to the local watering hole where we had a few drinks, some good food and celebrated Dejay and his Father's birthdays.

Happy Birthday guys!

The next day Ginger and I checked out the Pima Air & Space Museum which turned out to be pretty much an all day trip. They have a few WWII bombers on display within the hangars as well as an F/A-18 and SR-71 Blackbird. Outside there's a bunch of cargo planes, select commercial planes (JFK's Air Force 1), helicopters, Russian fighter jets and US fighter jets.
F-15 with P&W F100 engines

Next time we need to see the AMARG BoneYard
(Photo: Pima Air & Space)

Did you know.... the SR-71's P&W J58 engines were started with a starter comprised of two piggie-backed Chevy Corvette 454cu engines? They had a starter on display. That plane amazes me everytime I look at it and everytime I read more about it. Wish I was on a test stand when that engine was operating. I've heard many stories but never got to witness it firsthand. Absolutely amazing for 1950s/1960s technology.

The next day we flew home to the northeast...


Blogger George said...

my breakfast was better than yours

2/22/2012 10:17 PM  
Blogger CB2 said...

F15 is Q's favorite

2/23/2012 12:54 PM  

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