Sunday, January 01, 2012

rolling into the new year / thanks

As we ride into twenty twelve, literally, it is often a time to reflect back on the previous twelve months. Twenty eleven was all over the place on many levels. My fitness came and went depending on how much time I spent in the office. The weather dictated most of what we were to do (most of the fall was a wash, literally, as the trails were too wet to ride). My racing had its share of ups and downs but above all it was fun and shared experiences with many of my friends made for an enjoyable season of racing my bike. New friendships developed and old friendships continued.

There is a reason why I like to ride bicycles with the people that I ride with. We are all having fun and super stoked to be doing what we do. This is why we can be found riding together.

With all of that, the first of January in the year twenty twelve was met with 50F weather and sunny skies. Matt, Luther, Ginger and I went out for a ride to forget about everything else we have going on and to start the new year on a relaxing and enjoyable front.
After a frantic scramble this morning to build bikes, find gear and get everything together we had a nice casual ride around Mansfield Hollow out in eastern Connecticut.
There were quite a few people out hiking today and everyone we encountered had a smile. This is a good sign.

Tomorrow I will talk about Storm Troopers and bicycling. [Yes, I said tomorrow. This may or may not be a new leaf.]

Thanks again everyone! Thank you for being there for me when it was needed. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for the fun and laughter we've had on ever ride (and non-rides). It was yet another year of fun times riding bikes with great friends and riding bikes with newfound friends. Riding bikes in new places and riding bikes in old favorite places. This is what it is all about. Thanks!


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