Tuesday, October 11, 2011

my summer vacation

It has been a while. On one hand I could argue that sitting infront of a computer after work (or before work) is not my cup of tea and therefore I have not been there. On the other hand I could argue that I've had a lot to do the past month and a half. Which ever hand you feel is appropriate, fact of the matter is I have not written much here and have not really ridden my bike much since early August. 

Back in August, folks out in the Rocky Mountains where looking for me..
To their disappointment (and partially mine, because I'd love to be riding in Colorado in August), I was at home swinging hammers going from this:
to this:
which lead to this:
and then we finished the walls and floor. Made for a nice gallery for Peter
but ultimately became this:

Beyond that there were a lot of learning along the way as well as lot of stuff behind the scenes like a whole new plumbing system:

The good news is that is all behind us now and it is FUN cooking meals. We are fully operational like that man-made planet in the sky. I just have some trim work which I'll do later this winter. The window and door trim won't make us vulnerable to proton torpedos so that is another positive. [Victory!]

With that behind us I did find some time to get on the bike: A few days here and there commuting across Hartford on the fixie to be exact.

I also found a good home for my last 26" wheeled bicycle.
There is a sad part in that after I cleaned it up nice and dialed in the derailleurs and suspension settings, the bike seemed quite fun to ride (around the yard). With all this reading about various weapons I have been getting the urge for another suspension bike. The Vicious I just sold wouldn't fit that urge though (think things like Highland). We'll see where I go with this...

Yesterday, was an unpaid day off. Ginger and I spent the three-day weekend riding bikes. George also came out to play on what is known as 10-9 (Bike Messenger Appreciation Day). More on that tomorrow.

Rode to work again today. Autumn is here in CT. Was a great ride to and fro. Looking forward to tomorrow's ride to work..


Anonymous Shanae Buckner said...

Your kitchen looks great. It's so nice that you guys got to work on the project yourselves and got the best results. Oh, this made me miss biking. That's a cool photo on the bottom, by the way.

2/14/2012 9:26 AM  

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