Monday, August 08, 2011


Some Ergon gloves were at my doorstep awaiting my return from work today.

They fit right in adjacent to last night's blueberry pie.

I received a pair of HX2 full finger gloves and HA2 full finger gloves. The HX2s are designed for the Cross Country or 'Marathon' racer. They are slim, lightweight and designed to compliment the GX and GS series grips such as my white GS1 grips. The HA2 gloves are designed for that 'All-Mountain' rider in you. They contain Kevlar inserts in the palm area of the hand for increase durability while an optimum array GA and GE series grips. I'll have to give them a try with my GA1 grips.

These are the HX2s. I have a size Large and they are a perfect fit.
Nothing like a snug fit.
The HA2s are a slightly looser fit than the HX2s but a size Large is still the ticket here.

The palm differences with the HX2 on the left and HA2 on the right. The black of the HA2 is tough to capture the details of fabric but all the black is the base fabric in the palm and much thicker than the black palm fabric of the HX2s. The black palm fabric of the HX2s reminds me of the palm fabric on my Fox Digit and Oakley Factory gloves. The white fabric on both gloves is the same. Note the kevlar insert on the HA2 while there is just additional padding in the same region on the HX2. Also note the silicone finger tips for increased grip.

The thumbs on both gloves are perforated to allow adequate ventilation. I tend to wipe my running nose a lot with my thumbs so we'll see how this holds up over time.

Thinking about this post made me rummage through my pile of mountain bike gloves and pull out my current favorites for a comparison. Those favorites being a pair of GiroXen gloves (bottom left), Fox Digit (bottom middle) and Oakley Factory (bottom right).
I have an entire season on the Giro gloves and there's only one seam that's pulling apart (palm/wrist junction). This is the most common place I blow gloves out. My previous pair of Fox gloves had a problem in that same region. Beyond that these gloves have been so comfy and have been my go-to pair since I picked up the Fox Digits and Oakley Factory gloves about a month ago. The Fox Digits are a snug fit like the Ergon HX2s, which I prefer. The Digits have one layer of fabric throughout the entire palm (see below).

Hoping to try the HX2s on Wednesday night's mountain bike ride. That is our freak of nature flash torrential rain storms let up on Wednesday.

Thanks Ergon!


Blogger Fat Chance said...

Hello Doug,
I hope all is well- I have met you a couple of times (most notably at the BS50 this spring when I watched you kill it) and wanted to extend an invite to the bottle ride:

if you are around please come to the bottle ride on 9/24/11 at blue mountain.

Details here:

(sorry for the guerilla marketing- i am just scrambling to get as many fine folks as possible to my home made event)

9/14/2011 1:21 PM  
Blogger phattire said...


Love the Oakley Factory gloves. I've been riding them for two years now. Cheap, comfy and most important; styly.

9/19/2011 11:33 AM  

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