Monday, May 30, 2011

trans-sylvan epic '11 stage1

The 12mile prologue is in the books. It's hot & humid just like last year. The only difference from last year is that I had almost zero warm humid days of acclimation beforehand.

Saturday Dicky, Kelly and I rode the prologue loop. The heat and my 34-19 were getting to me. Especially on the long climb. My legs felt heavy from work stress and lack of riding. When we got back I decided to switch back to a 20t, which is what I ran last year.

Dicky is taking this event 'seriously'. So seriously that he accuses Greg and I for not drinking throughout last years yet he stopped drinking five weeks ago. My game is to make him crack. Elk, Greg and I keep getting him to drink but he's refused so far.

First singlespeeder to go off on the time trial prologue, I had no minute man ahead of me to pick off. The closest person was the back of the Men's open field at something like 5mins ahead.

Remembering there is a long atv-type trail climb just about halfway through the prologue, I tried to not kill myself to allow energy to climb back up onto Sand Mountain. It worked and once I got onto the singletrack on the campground side of Sand Mountain I found a rhythm and had a blast riding back to camp.

Staring at my watch as I was closing in on the finish I was nearing the 1hr mark. This sounded like a good time as before I left Alex Grant from Cannondale finished a minute or two over one hour.

Rolled across the finish about 1hr and 3minutes. Turns out my ride was good enough for 2nd place singlespeed. Local powerhouse Rich Straub took first at about a minute ahead of me. Somehow the little man (Dicky) climbed onto the podium in 3rd around 50sec give or take behind me. Greg wasn't feeling the heat & humidity and finished a minute and a half behind me.

Jeremiah set a blistering pace of around 46minutes! Mark Weir was around 56mins which made me pretty stoked to not be that far behind Wier.

Today is the first long stage at around 42-43miles. Looks like it's gonna be a hot one again. This stage last year I felt great and took the singlespeed win. We'll see how today goes.

typed via my phone. sorry for no links or photos.


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