Monday, March 14, 2011

gluttony and the salad

I rode my bike to the grocery store the other day. Its only about 3 blocks away but the bike is quicker than walking and I could also carry more groceries on the bike. Besides, it was a windy (30mph) overcast Sunday. Why shouldn't one ride their bike?

Both panniers were full (one reusable bag each) and I opted to strap the bag with the eggs ontop of the rack. Three bags and $50 worth of food. That should last me 'till the end of next week.

Between yesterday and this morning I ran into a bit of a problem.

I ate too many donuts.

So, I opted to ride my bike to work today to get rid of 'em.
I couldn't seem to shake them from my tail no matter how many left turns I made. It was a nice ride nonetheless. Felt good once I got to work. Perhaps I did shake them?

After all, eating Donuts is very American.

Once I got home from work I was hungry.

Since there were no more donuts I opted for a salad with cranberry juice and all the fixins.
(Yes, there is lettuce in there)

But there is a specific method to eating such a meal.

No. Not that method.

One must wear their best Grig Martin shirt whilst eating their salad.

However, some of us were not impressed as this was a meal without sharing.

Ignoring all parties in the vicinity I continued eating until my plate was empty.

The moral of the story?

"Eat donuts"

Errr.. I mean...

"Fuck this shit. I'm getting some salad."

That's right.

Both Grig Martin and Rebecca Rusch will be heading back east later this spring to spend their memorial day and the week thereafter with us at the Trans-Sylvania Epic for the second year in a row.

Peter can come too.

Unfortunately the other sith lord from up north won't be joining us. How will Dicky and I stay ahead of Grig then? I think it begins with staying away from donuts and eating salads. Or maybe posting more 'moves'? Perhaps donuts are the key? I think we might just use the Force in the end.

"Good for you. Now its time to play with the dead rabbit."


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