Sunday, January 23, 2011

All the cool kids will be there. I've never been to Arizona before so I figured this would be a good idea.

February 5th is the event. I've ridden twice outside since January 3rd. I've ridden a few times inside and been to the gym a few times as well. Been going to yoga classes upwards of three times a week all month. Should put me in a good spot for racing/riding my bicycle in Arizona.

I just want to ride my bicycle outside on trails. Something I can not do here as my yard and the trails are under a minimum of two feet of snow.

The Superfly will stay home as I've opted to ride my Cannondale out west. I just finished taking all the gears off of it (was set up as a 1x9) and got it singlespeederific. Picked up a lefty front wheel with 355 rim to somewhat match my DT240/crest rear wheel. The bike weighs in at 21.5lbs with some WTB Wolverine tires. I think that's what my Superfly weighs with these tires. Crazy!

I started boxing up the bike as next weekend I'll be in northern Vermont snowboarding and the following weekend is Arizona. No time.

I also opted to stay with my SPDs for this trip as I have no time on a set of Crankbros Eggbeaters I picked up. I tried the Eggbeaters on my trainer but was having some difficulty and didn't want to fight it when in AZ. I guess thirteen years of riding SPDs has some muscle memory ingrained in me.

I didn't have any clear silicone so I opted for the bathroom white. I do this to keep the water out of my shoes and also make it easier to remove the cleats as they are full of silicone rather than dirt. Works like a charm.

Time for some sleep.


Blogger Burnsey said...

Enjoy the Sunshine and lack of SNOW! Take some photos and let us read about your adventure while we are all sipping beers next to the fire...wishing we were ripping dry single track in the desert sun.

2/01/2011 10:02 AM  

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