Monday, November 08, 2010

penwood state park

I rode my bike this weekend.


Plan was originally to ride both days but I could not get up early enough on Saturday to join Salem's ride (later heard it wound up being an 8+hr 80mile jaunt through central CT. Mostly dirt roads with one thigh-high water crossing.). Therefore I spent Saturday catching up on more chores around the house. Ginger and I then went to the Hartford Symphony that evening.

Time Change! We got an extra hour of sleep thanks to the time change.

Up early to get over to Penwood State Forest to meet Sean and his crew that came out from western CT to ride. It was a cold morning but I knew temps would rise so I dressed lightly but was quite cold at the beginning.

Emile arrived from northern NH and shortly thereafter Sean and his buddies (Scott, Frank-The-Tank, Mike and Jeremy from Cannondale and another gentleman whom I forgot his name) arrived. Dave '4th place' Cormier arrives shortly thereafter. Well, I think I got all the names correct. I am horrible with names. Regardless, we had a good group and had a lot of fun on our 3hr ride.

Have I told you that I love riding Penwood? I think I have but can't find the posts. Regardless, this was my first time out on the weekend in many weeks. It also wound up being the longest ride I've been on since the VT50. I needed this ride.

Unfortunately, 15minutes into the ride Emile found a way to fold his AC front wheel. 2-3hr drive to the trailhead. 15mins of riding. 2-3hr drive home with a broken bike. Fail!

A tree wouldn't help to straighten this wheel out.

We left Emile and kept on going. Goal was to get up to the 'chimney'.

With Jeremy coming right off a trip to Highland and Mike with his background in the DH arena, we had some fast descents. They were also testing some crabon Jekylls. That bike sure has come a long way.


all smiles

Dave '4th place' Cormier

Lots of stories from years past ('90s, early '00s) with people that are still around (Salem, ParSSons, you get the drift). New England is small. Well, New England Endurance bicycling is small. I'm fortunate enough to have met, ridden with and become good friends with some of these individuals that have been around for years. This is what its all about. Great rides with great people.

I love autumn/winter rides for this very reason. Its a chance to get in on group rides and enjoy what we do.

Cool mid-day sky.


Blogger CB2 said...

What do you think of the "improvement" they made to the trail?
I'm not a fan (took out some fun ledge cut and that challenging switchback.

11/09/2010 7:31 AM  
Blogger dougyfresh said...

I dont like it.

a) it's very slow speed turns up a hill. a bitch on a singlespeed

b) I just finally figured out how to climb (thanks to you) that old switchback. Unfortunately that switchback is removed.

c) even heading south you have to scrub so much speed to get through the new section.

Fail on many levels.

11/09/2010 7:56 AM  

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