Sunday, September 26, 2010

2010 Vermont 50

I took a few years off from participating in the Vermont 50. Last year was a great year to not partake since it was a total mudfest.

Seeing as I would be coming off a few weeks of riding at altitude in Colorado I decided to sign up for the Vermont 50 again this year. Figured I'd be in great shape for it. Turns out I was correct.

I will add a detailed recap tomorrow but here is the high level:

~super fast and dry trails (like CO but with the addition of fallen leaves)
~singlespeed was set up with a 51.9 inch gear (which was both awesome and extremely painful and slow at the same time)
~set a new personal record (shaved about 30mins off my previous best time)
~super stacked field
~shot myself in the foot for a podium by switching out of the singlespeed field and racing in my age group (but it didn't matter anyway for various reasons)

click on image for results

7th place in the Expert 27-34 year old class (they call it Senior II)
27th place overall (out of 600 something racers I think)
4hours 42mins (2007 was 5hrs 13mins)

My time would have put me in 3rd place within the Singlespeed field

Need some sleep and rest. I pushed myself super hard today and my body is all achy and beat down. Nothing some rest can't cure.


Blogger Rigidnsingle said...

Nice job Doug...
Great race great day all around..

9/27/2010 4:20 PM  
Blogger Brendan said...

That's pretty awesome. Good job.

9/27/2010 5:50 PM  

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