Thursday, September 09, 2010

ghostship clothing

The Ghostship Clothing... Clothing finally arrived and looks awesome and fits me great. No lotion needed on the skin for this.

I was hoping to have this stuff for Breck but our friends overseas decided they would do things their way and, alas, it took a few extra weeks. Whatevers... Its here.



shoulder detail

I opted for the extra fancy, extra padded, chamois. Just didn't know it came all graphic'd up. I will be comfy on those very long days on the saddle.

While we are on clothing.... and back when I was in Colorado (more on that in a few days) Ginger surprised me by giving me the Twin Six' argyle kit. Such a nice gift. Thanks.

as seen in Thom's Mountain Bike blog entry about the Breck Epic

The two days I wore that kit I got a lot of compliments (but did wash it inbetween). Wonder if that is why Dicky is not amused and Thom is doing his best Ray Charles impersonation? (and you thought he was good with Christopher Walken?)


Blogger adam said...

kits are great.

9/13/2010 3:04 PM  
Anonymous tradesy Zara said...

The dress looks great, the lace-up back makes it almost impossible to not get a perfect fit. The only small issue I have is the straps are too short, but I'll make it work by adding some length to the back of them.

5/08/2014 4:58 AM  

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