Sunday, August 15, 2010

long road to Colorado

The drive across the country always wears on you. If I had my way I could skip everything from Pittsburgh to eastern Colorado. Alas, it must be driven so we gave ourselves extra time to drive.

Why drive? Road Trips are fun and with the duration I am spending out here in Colorado it is cheaper to bring my own vehicle rather than fly, rent, and compromise on gear just to fit on a plane.

Ginger and I left New Jersey early Thursday morning. Our goal for the day was to get to St. Louis and get a few hours of sleep. We got into St. Louis around 10pm their time. Not bad, but the drive was slow going due to traffic and construction.

Illinois open road

Illinois sunset

Left St. Louis early Friday morning and high tailed it across Kansas. Destination: Colorado Springs. Missouri went by quickly. Lots of fast food and bad advertising (billboards). Kansas. Well, Kansas sucks no matter which way you cut it. Eastern Kansas was chock full of northernly winds and temps pushing 100F.

Middle 'Merica in Kansas

Central Kansas was early afternoon and we saw temps climb over 110F. Glad I got the A/C recharged before we left. A few more hours and we eventually found the Colorado border. Another hour or so and we were in Colorado Springs.

Another good night's rest and then Saturday to explore the surrounding area before heading west to Crested Butte. All my pictures are on my camera and I grabbed the wrong cable to download them. Gonna have to wait until I see Dejay and Parssons later this week.

We took the Audi up to the top of Pike's Peak (14,000ft) and did a few other things near Colorado Springs. Then made our way over to Monarch Pass on rt50. Spent some time there and then off to Gunnison for groceries and then the hostel in Crested Butte.

Today I put my bike together and we rented a 29er for Ginger (I think she's hooked on the big wheels now). Rode around town exploring. I haven't been here since the winter of 2008. Checked out the Farmer's Market and poured over maps and found a good loop to ride in the afternoon. Basically, just hanging out and getting used to the altitude (around 8,800ft).

Crested Butte Farmer's Market.

Headed out for an easy ride on the lower and upper loops and a few other things in-between. Also rode around town and surrounding areas afterwards. Felt okay but didn't really push the heartrate much. Tomorrow we'll venture further in altitude and ride some more difficult terrain. I love it here. Its so peaceful, the terrain is phenomenal and the people are great.

Upper Loop heading back towards town.

Here is a map of the trails we rode today. Lots of hanging out enjoying the views and scenery. 1181ft of climbing. Max elevation of 9209ft with a starting elevation of 8859ft. A good way to get going.

View Upper & Lower Loop in a larger map


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