Monday, August 02, 2010

fast healer

The long awaited blog entry post about how I'm doing after my intense bicycle crash in late June.

I apologize for not writing anything. I have been too focused with getting my Audi to a state where it is driveable day in and day out (something a year and a half in the making) as well as helping others with
failed modifications to their Audis. In fact, my 500+hp 2.0L turbocharged Audi A4 just passed emissions today :) Not bad for a car that came from the factory with 170hp. Alas, I digress [but did explain where my July went].

I learned that my body heals rather quickly. The cuts and bruises pretty much healed up in less than a week. My stitches were removed from the exterior of my face 9 days after the accident. A few stitches inside my mouth, holding my lower gumline together, were removed at that time too. The remaining stitches inside my mouth were left to dissolve on their own.

Doctor gave strict orders to stay out of the sun since the scar tissue is delicate. SPF50 was a must should I be outside: which I've been doing religiously. It was also advised that I put my visor back on my bicycle helmet to help deflect sunlight. Yeah, that never happened. I hate visors on my helmets. I also started putting Vitamin E on the exterior scars (my cheek and upper lip) when I go to bed for the night.

So, here I am a week and a half after the accident. Spending the July 4th weekend in the Mount Snow valley in Vermont.

Not bad for a week out. You can hardly see the scaring on my left cheek (near my left nostril) and my upper lip just underneath it. It just about blends in with my five o'clock shadow.

Here I am about six weeks out (taken today).

Even closer view and you can hardly see anything. Victory!

About 45mins after the accident versus six weeks of recovery:


Damn, I need a haircut. Fail


Blogger Big Bikes said...

Lookin' good dude.

I was wondering how you were doing,
glad you're all healed up.


8/02/2010 11:49 PM  
Blogger CB2 said...

What kind of gas mileage can you get out of a 500hp 2.0L? Just curious. I remember the 185hp Renault R5 1.4L turbo managed about 15 mpg back in the 80's.

8/03/2010 5:50 AM  
Blogger dicky said...

Face fail.

8/03/2010 6:18 AM  

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