Saturday, May 29, 2010

2010 TSE - Day Zero

I had Friday the 28th off (unpaid day) so the bulk of my day was spent running errands, packing and preparing for the Trans-Sylvania Epic.

Eary Saturday morning Dave Cormier, myself and my dog hit the road. We had a brief stop in central New Jersey to a) pick up new helmets of mine from High Gear and b) leave Omega with my parents for the week.

We were then back on the road heading out I78 into Pennsylvania. Quick stop in Hamburg, PA for a Subway sub and then back on the road to Harrisburg and then out Rt22/322 to State College.

We arrived at the Boy Scout Camp [which we would ultimately call 'home base' for the week] somewhere mid-afternoon. Found the main office and a map and description of who is bunking where. Dave and I were in Eagle Lodge. Dave on the 2nd floor and myself on the first floor. A fitting name seeing as I am an Eagle Scout.

Found our way over to Eagle Lodge and unpacked the Jeep. Dicky had already shown up and was fully unpacked. He and his fellow Canadians were waiting on Peter. While they waited for Peter, Dave and I went to go pre-ride the course for stage 1: The Prologue.

The Prologue course looked really good. We did have some trouble finding one turn off of Sand Mountain road. A turn that brought us back into singletrack heading in the direction back to camp. Missing turns will be come a common theme throughout the week... For Dave.

Back at camp having completed the 10mile prologue course and it was time to clean up. Peter has arrived and we were all going to head into State College for some dinner. After following lousy Garmin GPS directions across State College and down 'no outlet' roads we found ourselves at some Italian restaurant named after Nintendo's Super Mario Bros characters.

After dinner we found a Target and picked up some perishable foods to stock Eagle Lodge's refrigerators with. Then a stop to a local liquor store for some beer. Once we figured out the liquor laws in PA and purchased some beer we were enroute back to camp.

I don't remember much beyond that. Guess we went to sleep..


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