Tuesday, March 02, 2010

time flies

February has come and gone so quickly. What have I done this year? Well, we know from my previous post how my January went. I also finished painting one of my bedrooms; which I started around Thanksgiving but got busy with other projects.

(I never got into that show after waiting in line for hours on end. Still upset about that)

February saw me trying to be active. I was going to the gym anywhere from one to two days a week. I borrowed a set of rollers from a friend of mine and rode them anywhere from once to two times a week. I had goals (gym twice a week and rollers three times a week for an hour or two) but kind of came up short with them.

I had to spend a very long Saturday earlier in the month working on my car. Fitting and welding a custom exhaust pipe was not easy and what I thought was a 4hr day turned into a 20hr day. The last remaining item is to finish the software and then this fine German automobile will be making out over 500hp from the 2.0L motor. Not sure when I'll get to that. I've lost motivation on this 2+ year-long project. Think its time to take a break and come back to it at a later date.

The middle of the month saw a weekend spent near Burlington, VT snowboarding at both Jay Peak and Stowe. I spent the entire day riding this one section of woods at Stowe in knee-deep powder. It was the most fun I have had on a snowboard since the heli trip at Whistler in 2007. Best part of the day was when I boardslide a fallen tree.

A week later I am on a plane to the Tetons. That plane narrowly escaped "February Fury" and was one of the only flights that was not canceled that day. It was an emotional adventure. On one hand I wish I stayed home for Vermont received over four feet of fresh snow. On the other hand I wanted to be back in the Rockies and also wanted to be riding some awesome terrain. The Teton trip was also booked and paid for so backing out would have cost me some money. Needless to say, it was very enjoyable. I'll share some more pictures soon but will leave you with this:

I am also riding for the High Gear Cyclery / Watchung Wheelmen Elite Mountain Bike team this year. A new 29er singlespeed is in the works.

Looks like my first race is the NYC Hustle and Flow as well as the SingleSpeed-a-Polooza in the end of April. I need to ride my bike more. I thought shaving my beard and leaving a mustache similar to Dicky would make me fast.

Mr. Unprofessional Cyclist himself

Some guy from Connecticut

Turns out all it did was make me look like the steward on my flight into the Tetons. Oh, and allow me to fit in with the locals while I was out there. Yeah, that didn't last long. Buh Bye James Hetfield...


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