Monday, November 16, 2009

Amherst Posee / Batteries[Brain] Not Included / Rail Trailin'

Met up with some of my friends from Bethel Cycle the other weekend. We had planned to meet up with some of Sean's friends in Mass and re-ride the trails in and around Amherst. Recall the last time we rode there I broke my frame. We were back for redemption.

The posse was 15+ large. Somehow, with a group that vast, we only had two mechanicals and very little time waiting for people to catch up. I wound up getting a leak in the bead of my rear tire and put a tube in. Another individual had a stick fly into his rear derailleur but he was quick at the draw and saved it before his drivetrain said 'bye bye'.

I haven't ridden in about a month due to catching a cold and work commitments. Coupled with not having ridden more than two hours since August, my body was in for a treat. First two hours felt fine. Beyond the two hour mark I started going downhill in the energy reserves. I was quickly losing strength in my legs (but not cramping) and realized I was behind the 8-ball with fluids and food. Temps must have climbed into the 60s. It was a sunny, picture perfect autumn Sunday.

Some food and more fluids and a reduction in intensity is what got me through the remainder of the ride. Redemption was in full effect as the 1FG 29er proved to suit me well on those very technical trails. Total pedaling time was around 3.5hrs with total time out on the trail/road with the bike probably four hours. I needed a push like this. It was awesome.

My HID light battery ran out of juice on last week's Wednesday ride. 1.5hrs into a 2-ish hour ride. I had to ride out of the woods in the dark following Andy's wheel as I stared ahead of him to see where his light was shining to figure out the trail. Why do I forget to charge my light and put myself into these situations? Perhaps its to give me a challenge? Who knows...

Yesterday, Ginger and I went out for a ride. It rained a lot Friday night and most of Saturday. We didn't want to tear up the trails but needed a ride. The answer? A nice leisurely ride down one of the local off-road rail rail trails (some are paved, some are not). All in all I think we rode a tad over 20miles in two hours. Felt great and snapped some cool photos along the way. We rode from Vernon out through Bolton and into Coventry CT. Then back.

mmm. 29x2.3 on the 'Flow rims rolling at 10+mph

Didn't want this to be blurry but I kind of like it blurry.

Riding in a pitch dark tunnel with no hands on the handlebars whilst trying to take a photo yields this. Crazy.

About 4miles left to get back to the car. We stopped to see the sky and I snapped this. Man, I love my point-and-shoot.


Blogger Big Bikes said...

Love that tunnel photo. It scares me for some reason.


11/17/2009 9:47 AM  
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