Saturday, July 25, 2009

tour de hartford

Took my road bike out for most of the afternoon. Trying to get my fitness back via time in the saddle. Sort of my own little tour of Hartford so to speak.

Left my house (west hartford) and made my way down to Pedal Power in Middletown. Refilled my bottles and then meandered around Portland, Marbourgh and Glastonbury for a few more hours. Then rode home. Two stops for water. I think my ride time was around 5-5.5 hours. It was pretty hot. Somewhere around 85F but a bit muggy and windy.

I broke my front Dura Ace derailleur too. Somehow I broke the spring inside it. I can't seem to cut a break this summer. I keep breaking bikes and/or bike parts.

Some pics from my time in the state forest. Gravel roads felt good. Perhaps it was because I was offroad again?

This morning, Ginger and I were modifying my new 29er mountain bike frame.

flat black base coat. Multiple 'Ghostship' logos on the front triangle. Flat white over the 'Ghostship' logos. Then the stickers will be removed to reveal a black 'Ghostship' logo.


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