Monday, June 01, 2009

is he alive? is he still riding bicycles? what gives?

Wow. I didn't realize how long its been since I published anything on here. Oops.

April came and went. I recovered from India, mentally. Felt like a million bucks whilst riding my bikes but didn't enter any races (hmm?). Got my REI presentation together and had a successful evening with a great turn-out.

Then May came. Work ramped up thanks to the powers that be, I was placed on a project to 'help out' but rather I quickly found myself 'steering the boat'. Schedule slips, design woes and long days resulted in some stress setting in. I averaged 4hrs a night of sleep thanks to my.....

day job

(designing these things)

and night job

(building a 550+hp 2002 Audi A4... wagon).

Somewhere in there Ginger and I flew down to Miami to attend my brother's wedding. (missed the Scorcher's Grand Theft Velo bike messenger race).

The bride & groom and siblings.

We did get to ride bikes around South Beach. Singlespeeds with coaster brakes to boot! I was laying skids all over town. Weeee!

Saw this in my travels. Think it was somewhere in RI.

The beginning of Memorial Day weekend saw some spectating of the US Open of DH Mountain Biking. Here's my friend and Ghostship Collective rider Mike killing it in the amateur class.

Memorial Day itself was spent at Lime Rock racetrack in northwest CT (about an hour from my house). Ginger and I got to watch some awesome car racing. My favorite was the Grand Am Koni Challenge; factory production cars that have been gutted and highly modified for the track. The field consisted of BMW M3s, Porsche 997s and Ford Mustangs.

working the 35mm SLR (yes, I still shoot film sometimes)

also got to see some vintage F1 cars race

one of my favorites was wandering around the paddock area checking out each team's pits.

Lots more pictures here:

So, yes. This year has been quite hectic and my bicycle racing has not been as scheduled as it has in previous years. In fact, I have a few more weddings of friends' to attend and a bunch of other things going on this year. I don't see myself traveling beyond NJ or eastern PA for races through the remainder of the year (ie: no 100milers and such). I actually had to bail on venturing out to Durango for the SSWC09 even though I'm officially 'in'. Good friend's wedding conflicts and I was told I would be dis-owned if I did not attend the wedding. Gonna have to make it to Durango another time.


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