Saturday, March 07, 2009

preparation for India

Matt from Ghostship Clothing and I went out on the road bikes today. I wanted to see if I knew how to work this new GPS device I picked up for my India Expedition. I also wanted to see how I felt.

Did close to 20miles commuting on the track bike Friday and around 58miles on the road bike today. Feel pretty damn good. This is a good sign!

Now, I have gravitated away from technology whilst riding over the past few years. After riding with Ohio Robb I've become intrigued by his GPS. As a result, I bought one.. specifically for this India trip but think I'm going to use it quite often. I've got it on some setting that doesn't really show anything while riding so I don't even think about it. Its just there to record the data so I can mainly see (and record rides) what I did after the ride was over.

I call this the Ski Sundown loop..

3hrs 53min moving time
5hrs 12mins total (we stopped at Starbucks)
5,513 total elevation gain
60F average temp
15mph average

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Time to overhaul the singlespeed and spend the rest of the weekend sorting my gear out.


Blogger skullhead said...

15mph cause I was DRAAAAAAAgin! I'll be in shape and ready for those hills again by the time you're back from India! Good ride!

3/08/2009 11:51 PM  

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