Thursday, February 26, 2009

three zero

No. Not the diameter of my singlespeed's wheels. Although close!

The years I have graced this fine earth. That was yesterday. Three Zero.

What did I do? I laid low and went to work. My phone was blowing up, facebook was blowing up and email was blowing up. Thank You everyone for your kind words. Didn't realize I had so many friends.

Work seemed to go by quickly. Then I joined my compadre's that I ride with on Wednesday evenings for a romp through Meshomasic State Forest. Temps were hovering around freezing and dipping down as the sun disappeared. Most of the trails were frozen and dry except a few were wet. The snow that was on the trails seemed to hold us alright.

I was stoked to be riding offroad again. I haven't ridden offroad since January 1st down in Pisgah National Forest. I felt decent. Should have felt better seeing as I'm flying to India in two weeks. Oh well. I am not going to worry about that.

Despite the cold temps I was super warm. Wool Swifwick socks. Wool Ibex knickers. knee warmers under the knickers. Nice Craft 1st layer. Wool PisgahWear jersey. Wool BKB cycling cap under my helmet and some snowboarding gloves. Can you say Wool? Yeah, one of my favorite fabrics, and natural at that!

Took the track bike out this morning and piled the BaileyWorks bag full of food, work clothes and a bunch of boxes I had to ship out. Stopped at the Post Office in downtown Hartford to ship those jobbers out (Audi parts). Continued onto work. I was a bit sore riding into work but felt awesome coming home around 7:30pm. Might ride in tomorrow and head out on the road bike this coming Saturday. Also got some Audi work to do on a few friends' cars and maybe even mine if I have time remaining. Sunday.... Shooting up to Jay Peak to catch this storm that is rolling in. Fresh snow in the horizon!

India Expedition update:
My visa and passport are back. Only thing left with my India trip is finalizing all my gear. Got some bikes parts coming early next week. Need to go through my nutrition and camping gear / clothes. Probably stop by REI for some stuff.


Blogger GenghisKhan said...

Sounds like a great birthday--Happy 3-0!

2/28/2009 12:52 AM  

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