Wednesday, December 31, 2008

pisgah - day 2

Robb had to work so his friend Ed and I went out and rode 'Laurel Mountain' for a few hours. It was cold but we kept on trudging along and had a great ride. Classic east coast technical singletrack. Pisgah rocks!

Ignore the blue markings. That was from a previous ride of Robbs which we did not do today..

Parked at the bottom and rode up a 30min fire road climb (red). Nice mellow climb and we gracefully eased into our ride.

almost near the base of Laurel Mountain trail..

Right turn onto the Laurel Mtn Trail and climbed. climbed and climbed (green). The wind was howling up ontop of the gaps. Temps dropped and were in the upper 30s and lower 40s. We'd climb a bit and then shoot left across a short ridgeline. Then shoot further left around the next peak. The insane wind was coming out of the north so most of the climb was shielded seeing as we were come up from the south side.

Partway up Laurel Mountain Trail.

We just rode through an awesome 'tunnel' of mountain laurel. I was having too much fun enjoying the singletrack to slow down and find my camera from under my vest and snap some photos. I heard its absolutely beautiful in the springtime when the rhododendron and mountain laurel are in bloom.

Top of Laurel Mountain Trail

At the top we made a left onto the Pilot Rock trail (pink). Down.. down.. down

Went back to tubeless today. No tubes. I was so happy for at the top of Pilot Rock I aired down to around 20psi from 30psi. That extra 'shock absorption' was a godsend with the very technical descent.

Getting ready to head down the very technical Pilot Rock trail


Somewhere near the top of Pilot Rock trail

The rigid fork was killing my wrists. I jacked my left wrist so most of the downhill was fought with shearing pain up my left forearm. It was so cold that both Ed and I couldn't really feel our fingers. Guess that is what I get for wearing summer gloves in the 'winter'.

At the bottom we shot left back onto forest service road 1206. It was fairly cold in the valley coming back up 1206. We had a short climb back to the base of Laurel Mountain trail and then a long, cold, descent back to the car.

Happy New Year! Had a great dinner at The Admiral. Tomorrow we're going out for another ride. Sa-weet!


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