Monday, December 29, 2008

north carolina for the holidays

Finally left home for a while to enjoy 'the holidays'. I also got over whatever cold I caught whilst flying back from Puerto Rico.

The whole family got together for Christmas at my parent's house in the mountains of North Carolina. I got out on my bike Christmas Day for a ride down the Blue Ridge Parkway. I left the house and rode up the 0.5mile (uphill) driveway out to the Blue Ridge Pkwy around mile marker 330. Then headed south for about an hour and a half down to around mile marker 347. Turned around and came home. Got in 3-3.5hrs and did around 40miles or so (I think). A very small portion of the entire 469miles the Pkwy spans.

The utilitarian in me brought my singlespeed with two sets of tires (mtb and cyclocross) and various gear ratios. This allowed me to ride the roads (pkwy) with the cyclocross tires and a 40x20 gear ratio.

Temps were in the upper 50s and sunny. Much different than a snowy Connecticut and much needed. First time on the bike since Thanksgiving weekend. I was SO glad to be riding again. Work got so insane that I didn't have any time to ride since Thanksgiving.

Got some elevation today. Started around 2800-3000ft.


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