Thursday, November 13, 2008

la ruta '08 - day two

Harlan (#47) is battling Thomas Turner (#60) for the top American Male spot.

(first climb from day one)

Looks like a great effort!

Janel (#415) is currently 7th female and 2nd American female. Looks like she is doing very well for her first stage race!

Travis and Lisa finished in great time today. I think their just over 7hr finish was better than Travis' from last year. Lisa (#407) is 12th female and Travis (#103) is mid-pack in the master A category.

From reading the results on day two I can only conclude that Tim's body is not treating him well. I wish him the best!

From Travis:
Talking to Fred from velonews this morning had me pondering why would both of us come back to a race that destroys your bike, oppressive mud, climbing 30,000 feet or so in 2 days and 118 miles, hot and humid - the list goes on. So while giggling to myself when the first 20k of the race changed and the route book said 10k to the first aid station I reflected. Straight up after a 2k road 'rolling enclosure' which included rush hr traffic I realize we were on a new course for the start. 2k from the top of the ridge and locals are saying we are there. Not true. Finally on the ridge and I take in the sites thinking aid station 1 is right there. Left turn into fresh 'single track' that was cut yesterday it seemed and I continued to giggle as I knew nothing was the same and so many people relied on the stage profile yet promoters changed it up 2 weeks ago or so.

As we climb through aid 2 on possibly the steepest continuous paved roads in the world the school kids are cheering. Today is all about so many villages clinging to steep mountains with schools what seems every corner but really each village. The students are so excited and cheering. Granny gear mixed with walking when the road pitches above 20% is cooled off by the numerous water hoses and the eager child to cool us off.

This is why I am back. No other tourist experiences how participants in la ruta gets to see costa rics and all the while testing ones physical and mental limits.

The end this year avoided a stupid mud section that was down right dangerous. See Becky Reimann's article in this past summers mountain flyer for pictures.

Legs were sore, it was hot, I climbed my ass off, was 1+ hours faster than last year but that is all secondary to why I love day 2 and the smiles on the road framed by amazing views.

Sorry no pictures as I try to run light and no camera room in the pockets.

Also check fred's updates on as he is doing press and top 20 overall representing Colorado as well.

Day 3 is all up and yes knee warmers, arm warmers and rain jacket will be along for the rainy cold descent off of irazu volcano



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