Sunday, November 09, 2008

wolf in sheep's clothing

29er singlespeed got a facelift.

Maxxis cyclocross tires I've had sitting around for a year.
40tooth FSA front chainring
19th rear cog (for the Eel)
20th rear cog for riding the singletrack around West Hartford Reservoir.

With the facelift, I went out to explore some new trails in the West Hartford Reservoir system today. 4hrs on the bike. Caught in the dark coming home but I had a blast. Some of the singletrack I found was so much fun. Fast, leaves covering big rocks, 700c-32 tires at 75psi holding strong.

Insider info (front and center) was provided and most of the time I stayed on the blue blaze. Or was it teal?

Some sections were tough rocking the 2:1 but others were super enjoyable. Upper body was sore from raking wet leaves all morning but that didn't stop me. The 35c tires definitely beat me up a bit but I still enjoyed it and rode fairly hard and fast. I had a really good time and the current set-up was awesome for cruising on some roads and some long climbs. I also had my share of hike-a-bikes today. Good to be out exploring and drifting off into wherever I go while riding..

The plan was to head north. I left the house around 2 and rode north 'till around 4. Then turned around and started heading back south. Got some nice shots out west and south around 4pm:

That is the Heublein Tower you see off in the distance.

Got caught in the dark as I meandered through the reservoir down to Farmington Ave. Stuck to the gravel roads and paved roads. Stopped to catch the moon but the clouds moved too fast. Doh.

Home by 6pm. Just enough time to clean up, walk Omega and pick up Rob from the airport.


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