Monday, September 15, 2008

change of plans

As you may have noticed I just got to finalizing my blog entries about SSWC08. That was closing in on a month ago!

Well, I caught a viral infection in my sinuses thanks to flying home in yet another 'death tube'. Seems I can't fly anywhere lately without getting sick. 7 days to get it. 7 days with it and now I'm working on 7 days to get rid of it. Finally feeling better and not coughing up all kinds of multi-colored phlegm. I can also sleep through the night now without waking myself up from coughing.

As a result, I skipped out on racing the last race of the Michaux series this past weekend. Sucks. I wanted to do that race too.

I also had a wedding to attend to for a really good friend of mine Labor Day weekend. That drive me away from attending the Shenandoah Mtn 100. Plus, the drive to finish 4 races wasn't there so I never opted to fly back out to Cali for the Tahoe/Sierra 100. Plus, I had some virus reaping havoc on my insides.

Not feeling well, and doing nothing but resting, got me to really think what the rest of this year is going to be like. La Ruta was in the plan. My travel partner, and fellow compadre', TimmyD is dealing with a few medical issues on his own front. Needless to see La Ruta was not looking promising. Got me thinking about why I do all of this stuff. Why? I ride my bicycle and race because it is fun. It is fun traveling to and from venues with friends. It is fun hanging out before and after the race with friends. It is fun sharing like, and dislike, experiences about said ride/race with friends. I do this because it is fun. I do not do this because "I have to".

As a result, La Ruta quickly started looking like something that was not going to be fun. Granted, your definition of 'fun' and mine may not be the same. La Ruta 2008 began looking like the following:
1) sharing a hotel room with some random person I do not know
2) 'racing' to happy hour for what? To enjoy it by myself and with people I do not know?
3) doing everything before and after each stage without joking around and sharing some laughs with some friends I traveled all that way down there with?

So, I've decided not to go to La Ruta this year and use that week of vacation time from work for other fun. Looking forward to some epic rides in PA with the Michaux/Jim Thorpe crew. Possibly thinking of heading down to take part in the SWANK 65 with ThomP. I think I am also going to try my hand at a few cyclocross races with good friend Matt@Ghostship.

Needless to say I just want to ride my bike(s) and explore some new places to ride with my friends.


Blogger Robert said...

Doug, you obviously have a place to stay if you come to Swank, i'm doing it as well. You coulda talked me into La Ruta year.

9/19/2008 12:43 PM  

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