Monday, August 04, 2008

epic rides...... in new jersey?

Another weekend of good biking.

Saturday I went out for a ride with Joey and Zoli over in the Nepaug Reservoir area here in CT. Got to watch Joey ride off most of the obstacles on his 48lb downhill bike. We got caught in some crazy rain storm but the ride was still fun. Afterwards Chef Joey bbq'd for us. Yum.

Some photos:

Sunday I drove down to New Jersey to meet up with TimmyD, Michelle and 'Ohio' Rob for an epic ride. Call it shake-down ride for TimmyD and Michelle as the head to dominate the Co-Ed class at next week's Trans-Rockies. Call it insanity. Call it... New Jersey? All in all, it was a good day. Thanks for the invite!

Rob and I brought along our singlespeeds with a 32x20 as our gear of choice. Going into the first climb (our warm-up) got us second-guessing that gear choice...

Wet rocks. Lots of rocks. Lots of fallen trees. Steep terrain. Hike-a-bikes. Gnarly shit so to speak. "Follow the teal blaze" was the game of the day. Where it took us we'd only hope to find out.

Rob was nice enough to bring along his little Garmin GPS device. Check out the numbers (I need to get one of these):

total time: 4hr 38min
total time on the bike: 3hr 25min
distance covered: 19.38 miles (HA!)
total elevation gain: 4,244 ft
average speed: 5.8mph
average temp: 74.5degF (lovin' that tree canopy)

Click me for more info.....

Still think we are in New Jersey?

Tim makes it look so easy

'Ohio' Rob doing the one-legged dance

Michelle killing it

Next stop? A white water 2-day trip up in Maine. Then SSWC out in California!


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