Monday, May 26, 2008

flat fridays.... redemption

Friday's ride was a bust. I'm an hour in, riding solo, and I blow the bead on my front tire after going off a 2ft drop. No sweat. I've got a tube and a pump. A few minutes later the tire is back up to ridable pressure. Cool. Pull the handpump off the valve stem and next thing I know the valve core is still in my pump.

Oh great! Now I'm in for a long walk since I just double-flatted. Bike on my shoulder and I'm walking. Seeing as it was the Friday evening before Memorial Day I made many phone calls before getting in contact with someone for a ride home (I ride my bike to the trails from my house... a few miles up the road).

Not a happy camper

An hour later I'm at the trailhead on my street and my ride is waiting for me. One hour ride and one hour hike.

Fast forward to Memorial Day. I ditched the Ignitor front tire and put on my CrossMark and re-sealed everything up. New chain and we're good to go. I head back up to the West Hartford reservoir for a lazy ride before it got dark. This time... All is good and I had a great 2h ride. Looks like the bike is all ready for Mohican next weekend.


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