Monday, October 06, 2008

thinking out into 2009

There are a lot of cross-country race opportunities for me next year and I need to narrow it down to a very small handful (effectively, almost down to one).

Why do I do this? Why am I out there? Well, lately, my attitude has been dominated by my original thought as to why I ride rather than to just do another 'ultra endurance' race that I am familiar with. That thought being: "To just be out riding bikes with friends and exploring new places and new experiences." That can be carried across many genres of bicycling but I want to take my XC [racing] in a direction that leads me to those 'new' places coupled with new experiences that are almost once-in-a-lifetime. La Ruta in 2007 was one of them.

I've narrowed the big hitters that have peaked my interest down to:
~ SSWC09 in Durango CO
~ The Breck Epic (multi-day stage mtb race in CO)
~ Crested Butte Classic (100miles in CB)
~ India Stage Race (yes, India... NorthEast in the Himalayas.....)

The hard part is I only have 15 vacation days from work to utilize. SSWC is almost a given but I also need to set time aside in September for my brother's wedding. I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be down in FL (that bastard, I need to convince him to move it to NJ to make MY life easier. haha). Couple that with a week in Utah snowboarding in late January.

The India race is very enticing. Especially because I know a few people planning on going.

I really want to ride in CO but I can really do that anytime I want, any year.

SSWC.. Well, we all know how much fun that is.

So, there you have it. I encourage you to leave comments with your thoughts and/or you can email me.

Thank You


Blogger nikolai said...

My vote is of course for the race in India. But I would suggest not going there to race, but to visit and tour around. If you have a nice looking bike that you have to lug around, you will be terrified the whole time that it will get stolen and never leave it, and you will be a target-- not of thieves, but of throngs of people with their hands out begging for money. Night and day you will have to push through them.

Have you considered doing MTB touring? Find some trail system through the Alps and ride from town to town staying in little B&Bs in sleepy mountain towns enjoying good food and good beer and awesome scenery. You can go at your own pace and go as long and fast as you or your group wants. It will be very different from racing, but it may be the experiential good-times-on-a-bike trip you are seeking....

10/07/2008 4:16 AM  
Blogger Andy said...

I'll start by saying, see you in Durango. But aside sswc, it's a big world out there. I'd be game for a tour.
Check out Harry's adventures in europe.

10/07/2008 5:59 AM  

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