Saturday, June 20, 2009


One could say this suits me given I had to 'rig' my 29er to get back to the trailhead when it broke.

Well, while my Vicious is getting repaired my good friend Sean at Bethel Cycle has let me borrow his '09 Gary Fisher RIG in an XL. Its no Superfly or Ferrous but it still gets the job done. I am also stoked to have the opportunity to try out the G2 29er geometry. Something I've been wanting to do.

A hodge-podge of parts from Sean and my Vicious. Its currently got 180mm crank arms but I'm not liking them. My knees don't like how tight things get at the top of the pedal stroke and I keep hitting just about every single rock on the trail. Going to swap on my 175mm arms and finish dialing in the fit so I can get some longer rides in (4+hrs).

Inaugural ride was last Sunday. Little cruise around town and over to the Elizabeth Park rose garden with Ginger and a few friends. Was the last sunny day we've had in a about a week. Since then I've got about two 2.5-3hr rides in on it and I'm liking the handling.

Some photos from last Sunday.


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