Thursday, December 31, 2009

north carolina

My family had Christmas again at our North Carolina mountain vacation home just like last year. Ginger and I made the drive in one shot, right through the night of Christmas Eve / Christmas Day. Weather was good until we got into North Carolina. It then went from cold to a cold rain. Upon getting up into the mountains the rain turned to ice and was covering all the trees with a thick layer.

We're in the home stretch and its 6am. I had to constantly stop on the road leading up to the house, and the 0.5mile long driveway to move branches out of the way. The week prior the Asheville area was hit with a big snow storm (about a foot of snow). Soft snow (the temps were above freezing with the rain), fallen trees, heavy rain and a lowered car made for an interesting drive down my parent's driveway.

been driving for 12hrs, its now 6am

Arrived at the house (which had no power due to the storm), woke up everyone, and then went to bed for a few hours.

Later on during the day, we took the dogs for a walk up the driveway and onto the main road. WOW. Looks like we made it to the house in the nick of time. More ice came and a lot more trees fell after we arrived.

icicles on the street sign!

road is blocked

It came from up there!

Power finally came back on the evening of the 26th. Just inside of two days without power. We made the best of it. Fireplaces and wood burning stoves for heat and hot water. Buckets of cold water from the creek to flush the toilets. Cast iron skillets and dutch ovens for cooking meals. Oil lamps for light.

A few days later I ventured out of the mountains and down into Asheville to meet up with Robb.

mmm. bacon & eggs

Robb and I got a ride in at Bent Creek in Pisgah National Forest yesterday.

mixtures of snow, ice and dirt/mud

very icy and steep fire road climb


Deep snow everywhere so we had to be creative with which trails we picked (find the ones that got the most sun) and couldn't climb too high in elevation. Got a 3hr ride in with some back-tracking but it was still fun. 32x21 on the 29er and I felt a lot better than I thought I would. Tried to take it easy for there is no reason to punish myself at this time of the year.

Temps were in the mid to upper 30s (F). My gloves were too warm so I rode without them and my winter hat on the climbs but put them on to keep my hands from freezing on the descents.

Going home in a day or so. No more biking or any form of exercise for me in the next two weeks. Why? I'm having surgery on my sinuses Jan 4th. Fixing a deviated septum so I can actually breathe again. That's right, all this crazy biking I do and I still can't breathe 100%. Got a few stage races and other such events planned for 2010 so breathing will help me a lot.


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