Thursday, June 24, 2010

2010 TSE - Day Seven

We had a great time last night. It wound up raining late in the night which got the trails all nice and wet for the last stage of the race.

Stage seven would be a 20mile look that followed part of the first stage but extended out further away from camp. At the halfway point there was a decent climb to start the trek back towards camp.

Us singlespeeders called a truce and decided we would all ride together and enjoy the day. We also decided that we'd finish the stage in the reverse order as our GC position. Since there are six of us this would put three of us on the podium for the first time all week (second when talking about Dave).

Photo: Peter

Upon arriving at the starting line we quickly realized Greg was onto something. He arrived with a backpack full of beer.

Photo: Peter

With the Men's Open and Master's Men fields in close battle the starting line was certainly split into two halves. The ones competing up front and the ones having a good time in the back. A mullet of a starting line-up if you will. We each had our starting line beer and a few minutes after Mike and Ray called "Go" we were off on our casual, merry way.

Once we got to the top of Sand Mountain road and a bit into the singletrack it was time to stop and get more beer.

Photo: Peter

The moto whom was sweeping the course and collecting arrows caught up to us. We were officially the last ones on course.

Photo: Peter

More riding continued and we got to a rocky section where Peter wanted to film us.

Photo: Peter

We rode some more. Dicky would pull ahead of use as if he was trying to attack the group. The remainder of us would ride together and I'd slowly reel Dicky back in. When we got to the halfway point it was another beer and we walked the climb together. Shortly beyond that was the aid station.

Photo: Peter

We rode by an Omish family that were out for a nice ride.

Photo: Peter

We eventually got back to the finish line... Just about three hours after we started!

Vegan, Peter and Dave duked it out for the podium

Greg, Dicky and I would come in next. Little did we know Dicky had something in store for us. It was supposed to be Dicky, myself and Greg. Dicky stopped short about a foot or two from the finish line. I stopped short as well. Greg was not paying attention. He was upright taking his gloves off. Next thing he knows we are stopped so he comes ramming into the back of my bike and fell.

A few minutes later we, eventually, finished with Dicky, myself and Greg respectively.

What an awesome week of biking. This was by far the most fun I have had in a stage race.

The stage was:
1st singlespeed: Vegan at 2hrs 50mins
2nd singlespeed: Peter
3rd singlespeed: Dave
4th singlespeed: Dicky at 2hrs 52mins
5th singlespeed: myself
6th singlespeed: Greg

Overall it was finalized:
1st singlespeed: Greg at 17hours, 11minutes even
2nd singlespeed: myself at 17hours, 29minutes, 5sec (roughly 18mins back)
3rd singlespeed: Dicky at roughly 30mins behind Greg and 13mins behind me


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