Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween

I lost some weight...

Omega says

"Happy Halloween everyone"

That is a 60lb Siberian Husky sitting next to our Great Pumpkin. Ginger almost had to break out the saw-zall to carve it but kitchen knives were sufficient.

Can't believe Halloween is here already. October disappeared before it even began. Work has gotten really busy lately which has left my weekends being spent catching up on chores around the house. I have found ways to keep my weekly Wednesday night mountain bike rides consistent though, which helps.

The other weekend we took my car for a drive in western CT. Stopped at Lime Rock and watched some Porsches and BMWs practicing on the track.

While on the way to Lime Rock, a professional photographer (Chaz Culver) snapped this shot of my car.

After another stressful week, I decided to sleep in today and missed all the group rides that went out this morning. We opted to take Omega for a hike and try out his new backpack we got him.

Almost ready to finish building my latest bike. The last piece of the puzzle is en-route to the house. Should be here this week and then I'll reveal a new way for me to ride around on the trails.


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