Monday, October 11, 2010

autumn is upon us...

and I am not riding my bike much.


Yes, it is the best time to ride your bike and somehow I am not riding a lot. Boo.

When I have gone for a ride I have taken out my Cannondale 1x9 (only ridden three times since the VT50). Its nice and relaxing to ride multiple gears even though I only use one or two of them. I seem to be doing better than some people when I hop on a 29er mountain bike with multiple gears.

Sometime recently my Superfly developed a few cracks in the top tube / seat tube junction. Two cracks on the seat tube just under the top tube joint and one on the top tube just infront of the seattube joint. I am not sure if it happened while out in CO or what but Jim at High Gear called Trek and got a new one shipped out for me. Was I going to get a 2011 or a replacement 2010? The photos on Trek's website looks like they may have tweaked the non-driveside drop-out for 2011 by adding a tensioning screw on the outside. In an effort to prevent the non-driveside drop-out from sliding rearward when the wheel is under load (a common problem with the 2010 frame but I never had it happen on mine). It also looks like the driveside drop-out has an integrated washer that encompasses both bolts. Both drop-outs have new tensioning screws. Are they larger in diameter? I bent both of mine and I never put any torque on them.

2011 frameset

WHY do they still put an anti-chain suck guard on the downtube and chainstay? How are you going to 'suck' your chain when you only have one gear ratio?

Zoooomm In of the drop-outs. Check 'em.

At first I didn't like the 2011 graphics but they are starting to grow on me. Looks kind of evil in all black and dark gray however I really like what Jesse did on the 2010 graphics.

Alas, Trek happily sent me a 2010 frame. Meh. How long until I break this one in the same spot seeing as there are no design changes? Doesn't matter to me as long as it does not coincide with a race or interfere with any races next season. Trek will just get me another one if I break this one.

So, yeah. I haven't been riding much after the VT50. I am actually finally catching up on stuff around the house and getting ready for the winter. The fall chores so to speak.

I also have this parts car in my driveway that a friend gave me. The same exact year as my Audi but in a sedan (I own a wagon). I have sold quite a bit of parts off of it and have been removing all the electrical items to stock pile for the day that my car starts acting up. Those pieces are expensive and difficult to troubleshoot when they fail. I did just recently sell the all wheel drivetrain to a gentleman in Canada. No, not Peter, but another bicyclist I know. He is going to take the automatic transmission out of his car and put in the manual that I sold him. This will be the second auto to manual swap in a 2002-2004 Audi A4 I have consulted upon this year. I spent Saturday removing the drivetrain and a ton of other items from the car.

transmission, rear suspension and differential assembly anyone?

the whole she-bang (and more)

Today I had a furlough day from work. All the previous furlough days I had this year I went for a long bike ride. Today I went to get my new Superfly frame and to deliver the 1.8T engine out of my parts car I sold.

Fits nicely in the back of my car. Still don't know how I bear-hugged it and carried it across my driveway and into my car.

Got some more electrical stuff to get out of that car and then I can get the shell carted away and not think about it so I can concentrate on other, more important, stuff. Important stuff like my Vicious Cycles 29er re-incarnation....


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