Monday, January 03, 2011

Its a new year

The beginning of the new year typically equates to resolutions. And resolutions typically last a week or so and are then broken. I sure hope I do not follow that suit here. We will see where this goes..

One of my resolutions is to ride my bicycle to work as much as possible. My biggest issue with riding to work is motivation. It is a mental game for me. Obviously much easier to hop in a car and drive to work when its cold out. OR any day for that matter. Well, my first day of work in 2011 was today, and I rode my bicycle there and back home.

a small Victory

It was a comfortable 16mile (roundtrip) commute in temperatures around the upper 20s and lower 30s Fahrenheit. Most of last week's snow storm melted since we had temperatures in the 50s this past weekend. The roads were nice and dry today.

I wound up riding my new track bike. A 2010 Cannondale Capo 2. It is configured so I can head out on long rides and my fit is similar to the road bike. My old GT was decked out more as a 'hipster' fixie. Or perhaps my version of the Fastest Bike in the World. Either way it was uncomfortable and not safe for longer rides.

The Capo is currently configured with:
- stock wheelset with 16T cog
- SRAM 500 singlespeed brake levers
- Ultegra 170mm crankset with 42T chainring
- Flite saddle
- carbon Cannondale seatpost
- Thomson 100mm stem
- 3T 46cm drop bars
- FSA Gossamer brakes
- Cinelli cork tape
- Shimano PD959 pedals

I want to add fenders (if possible... tire clearance is tight) and a rear rack with a plastic crate so I do not have to carry my gear on my back anymore. That is in the works.

The clothes I chose to wear seemed to be a good fit for this weather. I was warm and comfortable and was not saturating my layers with perspiration.

- Swerve wool cycling knickers (so I can look somewhat 'cool')
- a polyester t-shirt
- a polyester boxers
- old Burton Snowboards thermal pants
- Mountain Hardware super thin wool long sleeve shirt
- old Burton Snowboards thick socks (with a hunting theme)
- old Burton Snowboards 'superpipe' gloves
- some Raceface jacket I got on clearance from QBP a few years ago (with a somewhat shreded back after sliding on the pave after that car hit me last March
- my BaileyWorks SuperPro to carry my lunch, work clothes, bike lock, etc..
- Niterider HID headlight
- two no-name brand tail lights
- old beat to hell Sidi Dragons
- wore my windproof Mountain Hardware beanie on the way to work but it was too warm for the commute home so I donned my Swobo cycling cap
- Uvex Supersonic helmet
- old pair of Rudy Project glasses with clear lenses (want to change them up for generic safety glasses)

If it gets colder than I can throw on a pair of winter cycling knickers under the wool Swerves and can also add various thicker shirts to keep the core warm. Seems to be a good combination for me this winter no matter what type of bicycling I am doing. It may look unprofessional but it works and I am comfortable.

Oh, that's right... I modified my Sidis. I am willing to bet if Dicky did this to his Sidis he would have fetched more money for them when he sold them.

I threw on black duct tape to cover up the vents and keep my toes warm. It seemed to work a bit tonight. Colder nights I can slip some hand warmer packets I bought from Home Depot for $0.99 to keep my feet warm. I actually have a brand new set of neoprene shoe covers for winter riding but they are a pain in the ass to put on so I just go without any covers. Kind of ass-backwards considering my feet are the first things to get cold when I'm out biking in weather like this.

I could have trimmed the thermals so I get more 'sock' exposed but didn't have time today. Perhaps in the next couple of days/weeks I'll find time to trim the thermals and sew a hem on them so they won't come apart. Yeah right..

No need for a face mask. The 3 month old beard is thick enough to house birds. George is growing his beard out to keep him warm this winter but seems to be having troubles.

No gluing any pubes on my face like Th'om. (I just spent the past twenty minutes re-reading all those posts and am still laughing today.)

Tomorrow I'll probably drive to work for I have to head further east after work to go roller skating for a few hours. Got my hour long yoga class at lunch tomorrow as well. That has been helping my back so much. Looks like we're riding offroad Wednesday night and then after the ride I'm taking a yoga class. Thursday I'll probably drive to work and ride my bike home. Yoga at lunch on Thursday. Friday I'll ride to work and drive home.. Or ride home and then ride to work Saturday morning to go pick up my Jeep. Haven't thought that through yet but looking back on what I just wrote it looks like I am over-thinking this.

I hope I didn't just kill this resolution right as it started. Only time will tell...


Blogger George said...

those old camo Burton socks are OG Analog wool socks.
I know, I got a pair too

WV: malionas
Hermione Grainger: MALIONAS!
Draco Malfoy: shits his pants

1/03/2011 10:48 PM  
Blogger dougyfresh said...

you know, I think they are Analog socks now that you mention it.

Today was the first time I wore these socks in many years. I've typically been wearing these lately:

Putting together a grocery list. It should be heading your way soon. Also gotta figure out that aeroplane ticket.

1/03/2011 11:35 PM  

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