Thursday, March 03, 2011

today's commute

Since my days are still quite long in the office and I keep finding house projects to work on when I am home, I figured the only time I can ride is my commute to and from work. Therefore I am trying to make an effort to ride more and drive less.

Today's commute, as they say on Marketplace....

by the numbers:
~ 2 cars honking their horns at me
~ 2 other cars nearly running me off the road (both less than 1/4 mile from my house)
~ 5 co-workers commenting on how crazy I am to ride my bike on such a cold day
~ temps around 10-15F for my commutes
~ one 20lb box of audi brake parts hauled to USPS for shipping (paid for the bike rack and panniers)
~ one yoga mat and clothing for lunchtime yoga class
~ one bag of clothes for lunch
~ one bag of lunch
~ around 23miles ridden today
~ zero coasting
~ one dead headlight battery

I changed some things up on my fixed gear to better aid in commuting to and from work. Those changes being a rear rack and panniers to lug my gear around. It was kind of tricky to get everything to fit properly since the chainstays are quite short on my track bike. I found something that works and my feet do not interfere.
I went this route because I was getting tired of a sweaty back from riding with a fully loaded messenger bag on my back. I kind of like this option as it allows me to better regulate heat while riding which correlates to me not being as sweaty and smelly at work (no showers). It does make the bike a bit heavier and thus handling is compromised but I got used to it pretty quickly.

Especially with a 20lb box attached to it this morning. I rode into work so early this morning that the post office was not open yet.


That meant I lugged those brakes all over Hartford as I couldn't get to a post office until I went to yoga class at lunch. Guess its added weight to help with 'training'? I think its more poor planning on my behalf.

Don't forget to:

Tomorrow the plan is to do it all over again (minus the USPS stop and yoga class). On the way home I plan on swinging by Kenny's Red Rock for some reception to see and hopefully say hello to cyclocross champion Tim Johnson as he rides through Hartford on his way to DC (for the National Bike Summit) as he promotes bicycle advocacy.


Blogger CB2 said...

It was cold yesterday AM. I was almost glad that I was at work too late fixing the compressor on Wednesday to ride home (and consequently had to drive back in Thursday morning).

3/04/2011 8:56 AM  

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