Friday, December 23, 2011

winter rides

Well, we thought winter was on its way. It was below freezing for longer than 24hours last weekend. Somehow this week it got back up into the 50s and decided to rain a bunch and flood our trails again. We can't really win this fall/early winter. Its either rain or no rain but trails too wet to ride on.

Despite all the work I've been doing around the house I did get out for a ride last Sunday with my friend Joey. It was a cool 25F out but we were comfortable and I was excited to go for a ride (haven't ridden in a few weeks). He was playing around with his new video camera. Not bad but there's more work to be done.

I did squeeze in a ride to work on Tuesday. That was a nice relaxing ride along Hartford's Riverfront.

My friend Tony (one of the contributors to the beat bike blog) found a kid bike trailer at the East Hartford transfer station (dump) a few months ago and gave it to me because I was interested in putting together a utility trailer for groceries and such. After it sitting outside for months I finally got around to stripping it and planning its next incarnation.
I decided I'll get some aluminum sheet metal and use that as a floor instead of plywood. I can then also conform the aluminum to the frame which will bring the floor closer to the ground (lower center of gravity). Working on placement of a bicycle mount as you can see. That is important for something I have up my sleeve....


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