Thursday, February 16, 2012

the calm before the storm

After a flight from Hartford to Baltimore to San Diego and finally Phoenix we arrived in Arizona and with all of our luggage. There was no Executor this year but rather we found a Tydirium in the Phoenix airport rental garage.

After a good night's rest in Phoenix we "saw what this piece of junk could do" and high-tailed it down rt10 to Dejay's house in Tuscon. There, we were greeted in open arms by the Black Sheep Bikes guys, Dejay's father, Dejay himself, George, Devon, Michelle, Kramer and a few others. Shortly thereafter we picked Mandy up from the Tuscon airport, built her bike, and then gathered a posse to ride Fantasy Island in the afternoon.

Leave it to the Engineer to pack the Tydirium..
After struggling for a few long minutes, I got it all secured and we were on our way across town (missing a few key right turns).

Across town for this:

(editing by Ginger)

That was fun!

Got more video to edit from the trip. Check back soon!


Blogger 1speed said...

That trail looks insanely fun! Is there even one climb in it? Nice vid!

2/16/2012 8:40 AM  

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