Saturday, March 31, 2012


Been riding the new touring bike to work most of this week. Three days of commuting. One day of driving (with a 2hr mtb ride afterwards) and one day of driving (rest day). 85 miles so far this week. Far more than I typically ride.
The bike feels good. For a 30lb bike it does not feel like I am dragging much whilst riding it. I am not sure how much I like the bar end shifters though. I find myself either over shifting or smacking them with my knees when I come to a stop sign or stop light. I also think the 120mm stem is a shade too long. Today, I swapped the stem out for a 105mm stem I had on my track bike to see how a shorter stem feels. Will be trying that out tomorrow.

Today is a cold and rainy day so I am just doing things around the house. One of the items on my list is to plan my route for my ride tomorrow.
As a mountain biker, I can't seem to stay on paved roads no matter which bicycle I ride...


Blogger CB2 said...

Rt 10 > Rt 42 >Rt 63

3/31/2012 6:41 PM  

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