Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Martha's Vineyard

This past weekend Ginger and I headed over to Martha's Vineyard for a bike ride in support of Multiple Sclerosis awareness and time away to relax.

Thank you for your generous donations. With your support, both Ginger and I raised more than our goal for this event. Thank You!

We parked in Falmouth MA and rode our bikes a few miles down the bike path to the ferry.
We met up with Ginger's friends at the ferry and then took it across the sound and onto the island at Vineyard Haven.
From there we rode a few miles over to our hotel in Oak Bluffs.
Once we got settled we headed over to Sharkies Cantina for dinner and to pick up our registration packet for the MS ride the next day. At Sharkies I stumbled upon this.
Why that is from the movie Jaws. It was filmed on Martha's Vineyard with scenes filmed in Oak Bluffs where we were staying. Pretty sweet.
Back when movies were made without computers...

We somehow made our way the five miles back to the hotel in the dark and retired for the evening. Saturday was the MS bike ride. We were riding the 30mile route which took us around the eastern side of the island.
The sky was cloudy and the temperatures were in the low 50s. Pretty chilly but we made the best of it.
Every year Ginger's group of friends have a theme for their 'team' and this year our team's theme was dubbed the "Green Cycle Skirts".
Stopped at the light house on Oak Bluffs for a few photos.
The ride was fun. The island is very quiet right now as it is the offseason. Lots of construction going on (predominately house rebuilds) which was cool to see as it gave me architecture ideas for my house and the next house. The quietness of the island was grand as it allowed us to relax and rest.
Saw this sweet Merlin track bike in Oak Bluffs. I haven't seen one of these in a very long time. Wish I had one. I still miss my old XLM 26" hardtail I had. That bike was a work of art and one of the last made in MA. I sold it in 2004 to make room for a Cannondale Scapel. Might not have been the best of decisions.

There was also this really sweet skatepark near the high school. Wish I had one of these when I was growing up.
Seeing as this was my first time at Martha's Vineyard I was intrigued. I could not believe how many bike paths stretched throughout the eastern side of the island and how bicycle friendly the area was. It was awesome to not have a car and not need one. The downside is I can only imagine how busy this place gets in the summer so the roads may not be as friendly then as they were now. No matter, I do not see myself going there during peak tourist season anyway.

Sunday morning we were greeted with sunny skies and much warmer temperatures. This was awesome. Wish we also had it on Saturday but you play the cards dealt.
View from our hotel looking out to the ocean.
After breakfast we went for a nice walk to enjoy the sights and sunny morning. Sometime later we made our way back to Vineyard Haven to catch the noon ferry back to MA.
Back in Falmouth MA we rode back to our car and headed back home for the weekend.
Nothing like a nice relaxing weekend riding bikes. Need to do more of these....


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