Tuesday, May 29, 2012

suffering in the heat, but not in PA

Four day weekend for me and two of which were moving concrete and shoveling top soil. The remaining two were riding my bike and reading online about this year's Trans-Sylvania Epic.

You read that correctly. I am in CT and the third annual Trans-Sylvania Epic is full steam ahead. I opted not to compete this year. Guess I wanted a break or a change of pace. Now that the race has begun part of me is going through withdrawl of not being there. Not exactly sure what I was thinking but what is done is done and all I can do is watch from the sidelines and express my excitement for friends competing via social media.

With no TSE this week, what am I to do? I rode Sunday and yesterday and went back to work today. The rest of the week consists of work and hopefully I can sneak a few rides in here and there. Rain is in the forecast.

Saturday I'm heading down to NJ to ride the Bearscat50 course. Then I have to find a place to sleep for Saturday night and Sunday is the race. Waywayanda State Park is full from a camping perspective so I have to find an alternative place to stay. Think I might just look at a map and find somewhere near there I can set up the tent and sleep.

Now, I can't get down to Northern NJ by bicycle in less than a day. Despite my desire to ride to my races I have opted to drive to this one. The terrain this race has to offer is some of my favorite to ride, rocky technical singletrack. To have fun for upwards of 5 to 6 hours there I think I need to be somewhat rested. I don't know if any of that makes much sense but it is what I will be doing.

Looking out to the rest of the year I do plan on riding to the Darkhorse40 and am thinking about signing up for the Hampshire 100. I haven't raced a 100miler in a few years. The challenge will be riding to NH and then racing 100miles and riding home. Need to think more about that one...

So, this past weekend... I took Friday off to do more work on the yard and hauled 4 to 6 yards of broken up concrete to the dump. I also had 4 yards of top soil delivered on Saturday. In the midst of upper 80Fs and probably 80% humidity Ginger and I moved all the top soil around.

Sunday was a 47mile ride with Charlie, Harmon, SBC, Greg, Johan and Frank from Bethel Cycle. A spirited pace with a few hard efforts mixed in. It was hot but not as humid (for the first half of the ride) as Saturday so my plan was to focus on food and water consumption. I paid good attention and felt great for about 95% of the ride.

Turning over the 34x19 on my singlespeed in the heat for such a duration was my test to see how the Bearscat will go. I was pleased so I am even more exited for this coming weekend.

Sunday Ginger and I went over to ride Nathan Hale State Forest in eastern CT. A place I have not ridden much at so it basically is new to me everytime I ride there. We were joined by Matt from Pedal Power and my friend Joey. Temperatures were climbing yet again and the vegetation is thick so there is no air movement in the woods. Add to that singletrack that is very rocky and a hot power yoga class Ginger took earlier in the morning and we had our hands full. Matt's Crankbrother's cleats decided not to work and he took a few diggers. The heat then caught up with Ginger and we had to escape quickly so she wouldn't overheat. End result is an abbreviated ride but a ride nonetheless.
Today I should have ridden to work but was completely exhausted when I woke up so I drove. I should go for a ride this evening but I am not. I am going to get my stuff together for the Bearscat and try to find a place to sleep Saturday night.


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